Don’t Fear Putin’s Demise by Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky - 20.1.2023

Beitrag von Garry Kasparov und Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Foreign Affairs vom 20. Januar 2023

Don’t Fear Putin’s Demise - Victory for Ukraine, Democracy for Russia

"Immediately after assuming power, the state council would conclude a peace agreement with Ukraine, recognizing the country’s 1991 borders and justly compensating it for the damage caused by Putin’s war. The state council would also formally reject the imperial policies of the Putin regime, both within Russia and abroad, including by ceasing all formal and informal support for pro-Russian entities in the countries of the former Soviet Union. And it would end Russia’s long-running confrontation with the West, transitioning instead to a foreign policy based on peace, partnership, and integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions."